Here they are: Global Female Leaders

WORLD! Listen what our leading women have to say!

What a successful GLOBAL FEMALE LEADERS forum! Congratulations! The topics had a wide range. Top experts were giving overviews, inspirations and thought-provoking insights.


Starting with the Russian aggression against Europe and the values of the free world, showing the consequences for us. Additionally, the chances of AI and of quantum computing, the development of heroism and courage (why we love heroes), to new forms of living and transportation.

Another highlight was the first female German astronaut, Dr. Suzanna Randall, sharing her insights for her flight to the universe. Thanks to Management Circle, especially Cristina Sloman and Sigrid Bauschert for this unique and special event.

Top speakers included power women like Dr. Claudia Major (Europe’s New Security Order), Prof. Katharina Lange (Courage Translates Imagination into Reality), Simone Menne (Female Leadership), Dr. Loubna Bouarfa (Technology Shaping Tomorrow’s Healthcare), Prof. Helga Rübesamen-Schaeff (The Next Pandemic: Are We Prepared?), Angie Gifford (/The Metaverse), Elke Manjet (The New Normal: How We Work, Grow and Lead), Carla Hustedt, Chelsea Brown and the always great Eva Wimmers (Workforce Mental Health and Wellbeing – A Priority on Boardroom Agenda) and many more inspiring women. And we enjoyed the inspiring participants like Hanna Rieke, Ada Streb, Kathleen Schroeter, Dr. Donatella Ceccarelli, Lea Grams, Maria Brühwiler, Dr. Dilek Gürsoy, Ricarda Wagner

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