The German Institute of Directors e.V. is supporting the Global Female Leaders’ summit in Berlin. Our history goes back to 2002 with the focus Women on Boards. Placing women on boards was a difficult task in former years, but now the doors are wide open in comparison to the situation 10 years ago.

We are steadily searching and placing outstanding women in outstanding positions. The Global Female Leaders’ summit is a perfect networking platform – not only for us, but for all participants.

We want outstanding women to join the summit. If you refer to the “German Institute of Directors” you will receive a € 500,- discount.

More and more women are taking up positions of responsibility on executive and supervisory boards across the world, thereby entering top management. The growing dynamics of this trend cannot be ignored. And one thing is clear: wherever this happens, old patterns of thought are being disbanded. We all profit from this increased variety of thoughts, perspectives and solutions.

The Global Female Leaders’ summit brings together high-achieving leaders from all over the world. It gives focus to new ways of thinking and presents aspects we think we already understand from a new and unfamiliar perspective. This summit enables women to start a dialogue; women who shape their societies and their organizations – women who make their mark. The Global Female Leaders’ summit covers a wide range of aspects, from the vital questions of the world economy to initiatives which demonstrate exemplary actions in times of crisis. It directs attention to new markets and fields of action for companies and regions, enables the joint exploration of visions and strategies, and extends the boundaries of previous knowledge.

  • What are the issues which we as business leaders have to change fundamentally in order to create a world that future generations want to live in?
  • How has leadership developed in recent years?
  • What kind of leaders do we need for the challenges of tomorrow?
  • Which skills, missions and values do female leaders and male leaders offer and how can we benefit from this diversity?
  • But first and foremost, how do we make sure that women and men can develop their leadership skills and make their talents available for business and society?


7th Annual Summit | 9th – 10th May, 2022
Pre-Summit Programme | 8th May, 2022
Hotel Adlon Kempinski | Berlin, Germany




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