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We are one of the most influential headhunters in Germany, Switzerland, Europe and beyond.

We are IMG_8977well connected within the German industry, society and politics. But more important we are one of the most trusted Executive Search companies rated not only by our customers, but by our candidates also.

We know who to ask and where to look.

We are constantly identifying the best talents and hidden champions. Usually these individuals are overloaded by calls from executive searchers. Since we are a trusted partner for top talents and top executives, the potential candidates prefer listening to our recommendations. This is resulting in the best access of today’s leading executives. Nothing else matters. This is the payoff of our longstanding investments in the constant connection with top talents

We practice an Executive Search system that makes a difference.

Our evaluation goes far beyond the usual resume check. We do not only methodically explore the candidate’s range of capabilities, leadership capabilities, and behavioral characteristics. Additionally we evaluate how smoothly the potential candidate would integrate into your organization and culture.

Often our searches are nearly the perfect fit. This is the result of the combination of different methods. As coaches and leadership experts we take a much deeper look into the sills, character, substance and integrity of our candidates.

Character is more important than charisma,
substance is more important than style,
integrity is more important than image.

We call it the CC way.

For more than 20 years we are deeply focusing on the “management life cycle” a concept that most executive search companies are trying to adopt these days. We developed this innovative search pattern for fulfilling our visions and promises. We have placed executives on any level within the German leading firms and market leaders like e.g. Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Porsche, Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa, and many more, additionally numerous German subsidiaries of the world’s global leaders, ‘Mittelstand’ enterprises and spin-offs.

Last but not least. We understand privacy concerns. During a search we don’t publicize the company name of our customers. It could affect stock prices, retention, and company morale. The same applies on the other side, so we are approaching our candidates personally, quietly, and with great discretion.

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